Eighth Circuit Appellate Attorneys

Federal Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit

If you are looking to appeal a case to the Eighth Circuit, you should consult with a federal appeal lawyer quickly. Federal appellate courts have very tight deadlines and intricate appellate rules. Additionally, appeals often involve complex issues that need to be addressed in comprehensive legal briefs. This is why an experienced lawyer is an invaluable asset in presenting these issues to the court.

If you are seeking an appeal to the Eighth Circuit, contact our firm to speak with an experienced appellate attorney.

About the Eighth Circuit

The Eighth Circuit is a federal appeal court with appellate jurisdiction over the following federal district courts: Eastern District of Arkansas, Western District of Arkansas, Northern District of Iowa, Southern District of Iowa, District of Minnesota, Eastern District of Missouri, Western District of Missouri, District of Nebraska, District of North Dakota, and District of South Dakota.

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