Appellate Attorneys Do Not Convince Indonesian Appellate Court to Stay Execution

Posted on 6 April, 2015 at 14:15

Appellate attorneys have lost their appeal to the Indonesian administrative court seeking a stay of the execution of two of the Bali Nine who are accused of a plot to smuggle drugs out of the country and are facing execution by firing squad. The individuals were convicted in 2005 as ringleaders in a plot to smuggle heroin.


According to ABC News, after losing their pleas for clemency to the President Joko Widodo, the attorneys filed an administrative appeal arguing that the President did not give "proper consideration to their pleas for clemency." The administrative judges have now ruled and their position is that the administrative court does not have proper jurisdiction as the claims raise constitutional issues and do not fall under administrative law. According to the article, the appellate attorneys will now seek relief in the form of an appeal to Indonesia's constitutional court.

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