Breach of Contract Appeals

The appellate attorneys at Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP are experienced at handling breach of contract appeals. Appeals on a breach of contract action either involve appealing a judgment after a trial or appealing a decision on a dispositive motion. Given the complex nature of breach of contract actions, during a trial there are often errors made regarding evidence and contract interpretation. Many times, however, breach of contract cases are decided on a motion for summary judgment or a motion to dismiss. Often the decisions on these motions are in error. Our appellate attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the laws involving breach of contract and the standards of review to raise on appeal.

Contract disputes require an individual who understands contract interpretation and the applicable law. An understanding of the law of the case and the ability to critically analyze the contractual issues at hand is imperative in appealing a breach of contract dispute. The complex issues involving the law regarding a material breach, anticipatory breach and evidentiary issues require an attorney skilled at presenting these issues to the appellate court.

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