Civil Litigation

Civil litigation takes on many forms and requires a specialized skill set. Civil litigation cases range from basic breaches of contract actions to disputes over real property. These lawsuits can seek monetary damages or specific performance or both. 

Civil lawsuits are commenced by service of a Summons and Complaint or Summons with Notice. Once these documents are served upon the defendant, the defendant has a certain amount of time to answer or otherwise respond. Sometimes an emergency motion or Order to Show Cause is also served along with Summons and Complaint which requires an immediate response set forth by order of the court in the motion. 

The complexities of a civil lawsuit to do not end there. If a case does not settle early on, civil litigation usually results in motion practice, discovery, depositions, and eventually trial. Individual court rules and judge's rules add to the complexity of civil litigation. The intensive legal work encompassed in these types of lawsuits should be handled by an attorney or lawyer with experience. 

The attorneys at Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP are experienced in all phases of civil litigation. If you are seeking representation in your civil lawsuit, contact our firm to speak with an attorney.

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The Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP has experience in handling a wide variety of civil appeals. If you would like to speak with an appellate attorney regarding your appeal, call either the New York Office at (646) 942-1798 or the Boston Office at (617) 959-1628.