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Criminal appeal lawyers understand the nuance of appealing a murder or manslaughter conviction. In appealing a homicide conviction, a criminal appeal attorney understands that a murder conviction can stem from any number of scenarios and every jurisdiction varies in its application of the law. Generally, first degree murder and felony murder convictions usually carry the harshest sentences. Second degree murder can, however, still result in a life sentence. Again, each state varies in how they classify the different degrees of murder and manslaughter. Likewise, each case and trial is different. When reviewing a case for appellate issues, an attorney experienced in appeals understands how to look at the record to determine whether a viable appeal exists.  

In reviewing the record on appeal, an appellate attorney is likely to spot issues that a trial attorney simply does not see. An experienced criminal appeal attorney is an invaluable resource and necessary to preserving your appellate rights. 

Given the severity of murder or manslaughter appeals, there are usually numerous pretrial motions filed dealing with a multitude of issues. Many times trials involving a homicide involve numerous constitutional issues ranging from Miranda violations to due process issues that can result in a reversal of the conviction on appeal. In addition to constitutional issues, an experienced appellate attorney will be able to address numerous other issues ranging from issues involving the evidence, the jury or the the charging instrument that may result in the conviction being overturned on appeal.

Complex issues arise in almost all murder cases. Pretrial motions often set forth the parameters of the trial. These motions can deal with prior bad act evidence, preclusion of certain testimony, forensic evidence, qualifications of expert witnesses and the preclusion of tainted evidence. How the trial court resolves these motions can a have major impact on the fairness of the trial. 

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