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Faison v. Lewis

ACA v. Goldman Sachs

People v. Pacherille

Shipley v. City of New York

People v. Graham

People v. Lynch

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Jorge C. v. City of New York

People v. Johnson

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People v. Zeigler

Liyanage v. Amann

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Kleinberg v. Nevele Hotel

People v. Skerritt

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Belkhir v. Amrane-Belkir

People v. Kitching

2nd Circuit Decisions

US Polo Ass'n v. PRL USA

Rosa v. United States

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New York State Court Appeals

New York State has four intermediate appellate divisions to hear state court cases. They are the First Department, Second Department, Third Department, and Fourth Department. These courts are the first level of appellate review for case initiated in the Supreme Court, Surrogate’s Court, Family Court, and Court of Claims . The New York Court of Appeals is the State's highest appellate court reviews the decisions stemming from the intermediate appellate divisions, and in very limited circumstances, will hear cases stemming directly from a trial court order or judgment if the order or judgment involves the constitutionality of a statutory provision. 

For additional information regarding appeals in New York State, the following are valuable resources for appellate attorneys:

New York Federal Court Appeals

New York federal cases are appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The Second Circuit hears appeals stemming from the following federal courts: Eastern District of New York, Southern District of New York, Northern District of New York, Western District of New York, as well as, District of Connecticut and District of Vermont

For additional information regarding federal appeals to the Second Circuit, the following are valuable resources for appellate attorneys:

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